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Course Outline

  •  Course Introduction: Get A Job In Tech (GAJIT)
  •  Hello Non-Tech People
  • The Objective
  • The Resume
  • The LinkedIn
  • The Job Search
  • The Network
  • The Interview
  • The Money
  • The Mindset
  • The Market
  • Course Wrap Up
  • Bonus Material


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Instructor: Destiny Harris


Short Version

Hey, I’m Destiny; I’ve been in the tech world since 2013 and coaching others on how to break into tech or elevate their tech careers since 2019.

I commenced my tech career at Apple and ventured across eight different tech industries and roles since then. I’m passionate about sharing my immense knowledge with others to help them elevate their careers.

Ready to elevate your career?


Long Version

I finally decided on my degree after my second year of college. But I couldn’t decide on just one, so I acquired four degrees, all with the intention of going to law school.

If I’m going to be here, why not acquire more than one degree? I might as well maximize my time here. It had nothing to do with my work ethic but everything to do with maximizing my five-year time span at university.


The Four Degrees 

  1. Political Science

  2. Women’s Studies

  3. Psychology

  4. Philosophy

Close to the end of my college career, I randomly fell into an opportunity with Apple. I still remember asking my dad if it was a genuine offer cause the idea of working at Apple deviated from my trajectory, and the call was super random. The interview also seemed way too easy.

But that’s all history now. The work was enjoyable, and I decided to stay in tech after graduation. I’ll always be grateful to Apple for introducing me to the tech world.

Random Note: I didn’t become an official apple user until three years after I completed my work at Apple. I was a stubborn Android woman.

I proudly chose tech over law school, and I have no regrets because I can always go if I change my mind.

Making the jump from Apple into my first product role was an intense effort, which I will discuss in future articles. But I made it happen and self-taught myself what I needed to know to bag my first role in health tech.

Over the past decade, I’ve had the opportunity to intentionally work in multiple industries and roles:



  1. Digital Transformation (Websites)

  2. SaaS Products

  3. Open Source

  4. InsuranceTech
  5. Cyber Security

  6. HealthTech

  7. FinTech

  8. EdTech



  1. Program Manager

  2. Product Manager

  3. Business Analyst

  4. Project Manager

  5. Scrum Master

  6. Product Ops

  7. Design



Six years after I started working in tech, I started teaching and helping others tune-up or jumpstart their careers in tech. It has become my favorite part of being involved with the tech industry.

It’s been such a fulfilling time helping thousands of people across the globe elevate their careers and financial statuses. I’m ecstatic to share what I’ve learned over the past decade with you in great detail in this dedicated publication.

If you don’t have a tech background, a tech degree, or a degree at all, you can still commence a career in tech. Frequently I remind people that they do not need degrees; this is a common misconception.

And that is what everything in the publication will be about, elevating or kickstarting your career in tech — one of the best industries to work in.

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