Self Publish Your First Book

You know those courses that take weeks or months to get through? This isn't one of those. After you write the book, this course gives you all the steps you need to publish immediately.

When I started out on the Amazon platform in 2016, I had no idea what I was doing, but through the years, I've published numerous books on the platform and gained immense knowledge that I'm ready to share with you. I've published hundreds of books, but I'm not stopping. I still desire to share endless amounts of information with my readers through book format.

In this course, you will learn from me the ins and outs of self-publishing your words to the largest reader platform in the world, Amazon. 

Sign up today for access to an invaluable course containing all the information you need (e.g., writing, editing, design, pricing, setting up your Amazon KDP account, advertising, and more) to publish your first book and all the books that will come after that. With each book you publish, the quality of your writing and book presentation will increase -- leading to greater impact and sales over time.

Course Outline:

  • Course Introduction
  • Write The Book
  • Design The Book
  • Publish The Book
  • Advertise The Book
  • Course Wrap Up
  • Bonus Material

Course Incentives (All Included):

  • New modules are added monthly
  • Request new modules on subject areas you'd like to learn more about, and I will add them
  • Asynchronous communications via Slack
  • Asynchronous book setup and review sessions 
  • Lifetime access to this course, which will be updated on-demand with new material and information

What You'll Get From The Material:

  • Create a lifelong passive income stream.
  • Achieve your goal of publishing your first book.
  • Become apt at creating your own book covers.
  • Direct access to an instructor who published her first book at age 11.
  • Learn how to successfully communicate your words, thoughts, and experiences via books with readers worldwide.
  • Discover the exact step-by-step process of getting your book on with easily digestible language.
  • Marketing tips to broaden awareness for your book.
  • Access to a private community of members who also sign up for the course.


I never knew how easy it could be to publish my own books. Now I have the knowledge to self-publish and create my own online legacy! (Jennifer)

Destiny was vital in helping me self-publish my first book. She encouraged me to believe in myself and the power of my contacts; I wanted to share with her informative yet simplistic steps that enabled me to successfully self-publish my book -- something I never thought possible. Thank you so much for your help and encouragement. (Dwayne)

Destiny Harris published my 1st book. She explained to me the whole process with each step. I was so thankful to have her publish my 1st book. Now, I’m an author because of the work she performed for me.
She’s very detailed and takes extreme pride in all her work with publishing one’s work. Thanks to her, my books will be out to speak to others for all the years to come. (Rainbow)

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